Laguna Hills Physical therapy aims to provide a comprehensive physical therapy service.

Laguna Hills Physical Therapy is a full service, private physical therapy practice. Our staff is efficiently trained to rehabilitate a variety of conditions. Following is a partial list of areas we specialize in:

Shoulder & knee conditions/injuries
Manual therapy
Ankle & foot dysfunction
Post-surgical care
Core stabilization
Total joint replacement
Patient/family education
Neurovascular entrapment dysfunctions
Postural/Body Mechanics training
Headaches/Positional Vertigo
strengtening and conditioning
Neck and low back pain
Ergonomic retraining
Whiplash injuries
Functional retraining
Sciatica/Disc herniation
Balance and Gait Retraining
Spinal Stenosis
Anodyne Therapy for peripheral neuropathy
Treatment modalities
Sports Medicine
Balance Disorders

Recovery is enhanced when the patient is educated and involved. Shared goals by the physician, physical therapist, and patient serve to enhance patient satisfaction and create more realistic expectations and better outcomes. Goals and timeframes are established with the ultimate goal of self-care and independence. The office staff takes pride in providing a friendly, caring, and warm environment conducive to reaching this goal.

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Laguna Hills Physical Therapy providers offer a very broad spectrum of physical therapy services. Everyone from the weekend athlete to the injured worker can receive treatment using a variety of modalities, procedures, equipment, home excercise, and return-to-work programs. Many practices offer work hardening, back schools, job site assesment, functional capacity and isokinetic testing. Some locations have theraputic pools and most have a wide variety of gym equipment, and provide extensive hands-on treatment.